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Sydney Shoulder Research Institute - Past Fellows
2014 Fellow

Mohammed Baba

January 2014 – August 2014

Mohammed Baba

2014 Fellow


I am a Sydney orthopaedic trainee with an interest in upper limb surgery. During my time as a trainee I rotated through a number of units including a six month rotation as a registrar for the SSRI consultants at North Shore Hospital. During my time as a registrar, I became increasingly aware of the high quality training environment that was provided.

I did a 6 month fellowship with SSRI after I qualified as an orthopaedic surgeon in February 2014. Having previously worked with the SSRI consultants, I thought the fellowship was a logical progression in my training.

After my SSRI fellowship, I completed a 6 month shoulder fellowship in Nice, France with Prof Pascal Boileau and a hand surgery fellowship in Paris, France at Institut De La Main.

In addition to my fellowships, I undertook further training by visiting The Hand and Upper Limb Centre in London Canada, as well as The Mayo Clinic in USA.

I will return to Sydney in late 2015 to practice as an upper limb surgeon with a continuing interest in research and education.

My Fellowship Story

At SSRI, I had the opportunity to be involved in the management of traumatic and degenerative conditions of the shoulder and elbow. This included work in the private and public sector as well as in a rural setting.

In the public hospital I had the opportunity to be involved in the management of complex upper limb trauma cases as a surgeon as well as elective procedures.

In addition, the clinics provided the opportunity for me to learn more about the preoperative workup and post operative management of different conditions as well as the opportunity to discuss the management of difficult cases as a team.

I undertook clinical and laboratory based research and submitted the results of the studies for publication and presentation at national and international meetings.

Mohammed Baba