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Sydney Shoulder Research Institute - Past Fellows
2020 Fellow

Dr Miloš Spasojevic


Miloš Spasojevic

2020 Fellow


After completing my medical studies at the University of Zurich I began my orthopaedic training in a busy AO trauma center in the Swiss Alps – the Cantonal Hospital of the Grisons. I later moved on to Inselspital, the University Hospital of Bern, where I was mentored by Prof Matthias Zumstein in shoulder and elbow surgery. Upon obtaining my specialist degree, I embarked on further sub-specialist training in upper limb surgery. This included a fellowship year of shoulder and elbow at the Sydney Shoulder Research Institute, followed by a fellowship year of hand and peripheral nerve surgery at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. Outside of work I remain an avid reader and Australia-enthusiast.

My Fellowship Story

From the snowy Swiss Alps, I found myself descending 542m from Bern to Sydney in mid-pandemic September 2020 and was as exhilarated and surprised as I could have possibly been.

I had finished my orthopaedic training and was suddenly left with closed borders, varyingly-accurate news and two already packed suitcases that were starting to gather dust in the corner. Thanks to the relentless support of Jasmin Gwynne, Dr Cass and Dr Young I was able to commence this chapter of my career delayed – but right on time.

I have been very fortunate to have worked with talented professionals and gifted educators who have been tremendously supporting in my endeavours and have had a lasting influence in my understanding of orthopaedic surgery. This fellowship has fulfilled all my expectations of professional and personal development and I would recommend it to any orthopaedic surgeon seeking serious expertise in shoulder and elbow surgery.

Futhermore, Sydney is a vibrant city full of enticing happenings surrounded by a countryside full of adventurous opportunities. You’ll still find me motorcycling through the blue mountains and stopping for local beef pies between busy hand surgery days at Royal North Shore on my next fellowship.

Miloš Spasojevic