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Sydney Shoulder Research Institute - Alumni
2013 Fellow

Dr Jean-Christian Balestro


Jean-Christian Balestro

2013 Fellow


Dr Balestro studied in Nice completing his Medical Thesis in 2007. He has Inter-university diplomas in sports trauma, arthroscopic surgery and knee pathology and completed his DESC in orthopedic and trauma surgery in 2008. He was appointed intern at the Hospitals of Nice in 2002, specializing in surgery. He was a former gold medal intern at Nice Hospital and Assistant Head of the Nice Hospitals Clinic (2008-2011). He then was Fellow in Knee Surgery at Royal North Shore Hospital and Sydney Orthopedic Research Institute (Sydney, Australia, Nov 2011-Nov 2012) and Fellow in Shoulder Surgery at Royal North Shore Hospital and Sydney Shoulder Research Institute (Sydney, Australia, Nov 2012-Nov 2013).

After Fellowships he worked as a Senior Medical Practitioner at Lyell Mc Ewin Hospital (Adelaide, Australia, Nov 2012-Nov 2013). He is a member of the French Society of Orthopedic and Traumatology Surgery, the French Arthroscopy Society and the French Society for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.