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SSRI – Who Funds Research

The Charity

Australian Medical Research

Internationally Respected

Across the board, Australian medical researchers are highly respected internationally.

Our shoulder and elbow surgeons have been invited to speak at conferences in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas presenting the results of their research.

Dr Benjamin Cass – Singapore 2014

Who Funds the Research?

We Do

Since its establishment in March 2012, the majority (95%) of research undertaken at Sydney Shoulder Research Institute has been funded internally. This means the Institute raises funds itself through private and corporate donations. Only “without strings” corporate donations are accepted which ensures SSRI remains free to undertake studies of its choosing.

From time to time (around 5% of projects), an industry organisation might partner with Sydney Shoulder Research Institute on a particular study. This typically means financial support is provided to cover costs such as imaging or equipment is provided at below or no cost. SSRI are adamant that support of this kind is transparent at all stages of research from conception through to publication and that no such partnership causes conflict of interest or compromise to the quality of its research.

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Now more than ever, as our population enjoys greater health and longevity, the need to increase research funding becomes vital. With so many worthwhile causes competing for attention across all forms of media it is easy for a small not for profit such as SSRI to get overshadowed by the “big fish” of charitable causes. Although we may be small and our focus very specific, we hope you will agree that SSRI is equally worthy of a one off or regular donation and whatever you can spare will be gratefully accepted and put to good use.

Make a Difference

As a registered, tax deductible charity your donation to SSRI will raise vital funds which will go directly towards cutting-edge research so please give generously by donating today and help us make a difference.

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Give the Gift of Research

Gift a Donation

Every gift to SSRI makes a difference.

You can also give a gift with a difference – celebrate a Special Event or a Special Person in your life. Donate to SSRI to commemorate a birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary or any other special occasion. By donating a gift in celebration you give twice – the gift of supporting our research, and the gift of good karma.

Gifts in Memory

Many people choose to leave a gift in memory (aka “bequest”) as this provides a way to support causes that have meaning to them and serve as a legacy for helping future generations.

And while it may seem somewhat daunting, arranging a bequest is actually quite straightforward. You can either include a bequest when you first make a Will or add it to an existing Will (this is known as a “codicil”).

There are a few different types of bequests:

  • A Pecuniary Bequest

    • This is a gift of a fixed sum of money made to a person or organisation.
    • For example:
      – you may wish to donate $10,000 to Sydney Shoulder Research Institute.

  • A Percentage Bequest

    • This type of bequest enables you to share your estate among several people or organisations without specifying the property or amounts.
    • This can be any percentage of your total estate up to 100%.
    • For example:
      – you may wish to donate 10% of your estate to Sydney Shoulder Research Institute.

  • A Specific Bequest

    • This enables you to leave a specific item to a person or organisation.
    • For example:
      – you may wish to donate your house or car to Sydney Shoulder Research Institute.

  • A Residual Bequest

    • With this type of bequest a person or organisation receives the balance of the estate after those specifically named in the Will have been provided for.