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Sydney Shoulder Research Institute - Past Fellows
2015 Fellow

Lisa Kruse

January 2015 –

Lisa Kruse

2015 Fellow


Lisa received much of her training at Washington University in St. Louis, USA. She first became involved in orthopaedic research when she was awarded a Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship during medical school. In addition to her medical and orthopaedic qualifications, she has degrees in biomedical engineering, psychology, and a master’s degree in biological sciences.

Lisa has been involved in orthopaedic research since the beginning of her medical career and has numerous publications and presentation in prestigious journals and conferences. She has been involved with research ranging for the genetics of clubfoot deformity and scoliosis to rehabilitation and outcomes following ACL reconstruction and meniscal repair. Most recently her research has focused on her chosen sub-specialty of shoulder and elbow surgery including outcomes following the decompression of the nerve to the teres minor, and diagnosis of scapular dyskinesia.

Lisa is half way through completing a 12-month fellowship with Sydney Shoulder Research Institute working alongside Professor Sonnabend, Dr Jeffery Hughes, Dr Ben Cass and Dr Allan Young.

Fellowship Story

To follow … after completion in 2015