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Sydney Shoulder Research Institute - Current Fellows
2022 Fellow

Dr Rebecca Tang

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Rebecca Tang

2022 Fellow


Dr Rebecca Tang is a Melbourne based Orthopaedic Surgeon subspecialising in all aspects of shoulder surgery. She grew up in sunny Queensland before migrating south to complete her medical degree at the University of Melbourne. After being selected for the Victorian Orthopaedic training program, Rebecca was successful in obtaining her fellowship through the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Rebecca worked in Melbourne managing general orthopaedic trauma for a year before undertaking subspecialty fellowship training in shoulder and elbow surgery at the Sydney Shoulder Research Institute. She has subsequently returned to Melbourne where she is working at the Austin and Northern Hospitals. Rebecca has recently completed her first (and last) half marathon and spends her spare time tending to her vegetable patch and working on DIY projects around the house.

My Fellowship Story

I arrived in Sydney highly anticipating many weekends spent exploring the beaches of the NSW east coast. Unfortunately having an Irish fellow and a Melbourne fellow at the same time coincided with La Nina hitting Sydney and instead we saw relentless rain. Conversely the fellowship itself exceeded expectations. The four surgeons I worked with- Dr Cass, Dr Young, Dr Hughes and Dr Moopanar were all extremely generous with their time and words of advice. The fellowship involved a high case volume with a wide range of both elective and trauma cases. There were frequent case discussions with explanations regarding each of their thought processes. I had the opportunity to review patients in the public outpatients but also to witness the different consulting styles of the fellowship supervisors in their private rooms. Now that I am starting up my own private practice, I appreciate these experiences even more.

Following the completion of my SSRI fellowship I can see the combined influence of the fellowship supervisors on my own practise (sometimes with conflicting opinions!). I feel confident that I have been taught high standards to aim towards and that I have gained mentors to reach out to for advice in the future. Last but not least a big thanks to Jasmin for all her support and communication throughout!

Rebecca Tang