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2023 Cameron Stephen

Sydney Shoulder Research Institute - Visiting Fellows & Observers
2023 Observer

Cameron Stephen

Aberdeen (SCOTLAND)
March - April 2023

Cameron Stephen

2023 Observer


As a medical student seeking an elective in the field of orthopaedics, I could not have asked for a better experience than that which I had with the Sydney Shoulder Research Institute!

I have had a passion for orthopaedics since commencing medical training, with exposure to a variety of clinical placements, orthopaedics stood out. As a field which is constantly evolving, it hosts a beautiful marriage of biomechanics and engineering with surgical technique. Therefore, when reaching out to a previous fellow, Mr Sam McKenzie, lead to being offered the opportunity to join the SSRI team, I was ecstatic.

During my time, I was able to witness and learn from the best shoulder surgeons and their teams, approaching complex cases with years of experience and knowledge of the literature and its practical application. To be a part of such an active institution, albeit for a brief period, was an honour and I will forever remember, not only the surgical knowledge but the kindness shown, to take me in and make me feel part of the team!

Attending clinic and theatre time, allowing me to follow the patient journey from presentation to the operating table was invaluable and assisted me in clinically correlating my studies to the ‘real world’ of orthopaedics.

I would like to especially thank the following people for making my time in Sydney so fruitful and memorable; Jasmin Gwynne for being so incredibly organised and efficient, making this experience possible; Dr Cass, Dr Young and Dr Hughes for sharing their depth and breadth of knowledge of the world of upper limb surgery and Dr Kushal Subbiah and Dr Cameron Handford, the fellows present during my time who made me feel so welcome guided me throughout my time in Sydney!

I truly feel privileged to have undertaken this elective opportunity and I cannot wait to hopefully return to Sydney in the future!