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Constant Score Poster Presentation at SECEC Congress

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2015 SECEC - ESSSE Congress Milano Poster Presentation - Constant Score

Constant Score Poster Presentation at SECEC Congress

Validation of using bathroom scales for the strength test in the Constant Murley Shoulder Assessment
presented (poster) at the SECEC (European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and Elbow) conference in Milan, Italy 2015

How best to measure shoulder strength, particularly as part of the often used “Constant Score”, has long been debated by orthopaedic surgeons with many and varied ways put forth. But as assessment (in general) shifts towards becoming faster, simpler and more patient-led, the idea of strength measurement without a clinician is appealing.

We were keen to see how surgeon-led assessment of strength in the clinic setting using specialised equipment would compare with a patient’s self-assessment at home using bathroom weighing scales. Would both techniques prove equal? We found that indeed, they did.

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